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How I work

Working with a copywriter is easy, straight-forward and

follows a standard process

Defining the scope of the project

We need to agree on a definite scope of works before I can quote.

I'll send you a briefing questionnaire to complete that asks:

  • What is required?

  • How many pages of copy/how many words are needed?

  • If a website, what type of pages are they? (Home, About, Services)

  • How much content have you prepared yourself?

  • Do you have an idea about length, or are you happy to go with my recommendation?


I'll put together a comprehensive proposal, which will include the scope of works, milestones, projected timeframes, costings, and my Copywriting Terms and Conditions.

50% commencement payment

I charge a 50% commencement payment. If the project value is $500 or less, I charge 100% upfront. If the project value is over $5,000, I can offer milestone payments with 40% upfront, then 30% part way and 30% upon completion.

Briefing meeting

We'll have a 45-60 minute meeting to discuss your project. This will happen over the phone or via Zoom.

I'll ask you more questions about your project covering topics such as your:

  • Target audience

  • Brand personality

  • Marketing objectives

Once I have the following, I can get started:

  • Signed proposal or quote

  • 50% commencement payment

  • Background materials or assets

Starting the project

I'll review your materials, carry out keyword research, customer research, a competitor review, brainstorm and map out your copy.

Drafts and revisions

Depending on the project, I generally provide up to 4 versions of your documents:

  • Outline - dot points and a sample of writing to check tone of voice

  • Completed draft

  • Revised draft

  • Final version - polished and proofread using authoritative sources of English to verify spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Additional revisions will be charged at an hourly rate (currently $80 per hour). If the scope of works changes, once I've started, I'll add the extra time to the final invoice.

This is a collaborative process. I'll need you to review and agree on each draft before I move to the next one.

Discussion time

I'll build in time to discuss the project, drafts and revisions. This happens on the phone or via Zoom

Final payment

I usually send the final invoice within 14 days of sending the completed draft (version 2)

My payment terms are 7 days.

Once the final invoice has been paid, you'll own the copyright for all the materials I've supplied.

Last updated 26 April 2022

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