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Building bridges between cultures

MPLCS is a private language school based on the Mornington Peninsula.

You can join any of our courses online from anywhere in Australia.




We offer fun and stimulating language courses for adults, children, and teenagers — from absolute beginners through to conversational level.


We’re passionate about sharing language and culture with you, so we organise many language workshops and cultural events throughout the year. Our students enjoy our very popular foreign language movie nights, cooking classes, captivating talks, and children’s story time.


Lessons are available from 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 2pm on Saturdays.


Best of all, you can join any of our group courses, private tuition lessons and conversation classes from anywhere in Australia.


Why study languages?

There are so many reasons why you might want to learn a new language—to travel, to immerse yourself in an intellectual hobby, or for new business opportunities.


Language learning broadens your horizons, changes your view of the world, and can even improve your knowledge of English grammar. But, that’s not all.


Learning a new skill and meeting people with common interests can improve your mental health. It exercises your cognitive abilities to deal with new levels of complexity, improves your memory, ability to focus, multitask, and has even been shown to delay dementia in adults. But the benefits of language learning are not limited to adults. There are lifelong benefits for children too.


Learning another language can help develop essential areas of children's brains to solve problems more easily. It can strengthen their memory, and ability to focus. It also exposes children to other cultures, promoting respect and understanding, and may assist with employment opportunities in the future.


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Established in 2012, MPLCS is the premier language school on the Mornington Peninsula.


We teach language and culture studies to students of all ages in our classroom in Mornington and online, making it easy to join a class from anywhere in Australia.


You can learn French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Turkish, Portuguese, and English.


Our language courses cover beginner, intermediate, advanced, and conversational level.


All of our teachers are passionate native speakers of the languages they teach, so you’ll hear how the real language is spoken. You’ll also learn expressions, idioms, and slang during the course. This provides a more authentic and rounded learning experience, and will enhance your understanding when watching foreign language films and travelling overseas.


Why choose us

Small class sizes

Our teaching methods are flexible and adapted to the needs of all the students in the class. If students need to review a difficult grammar point, the whole class benefits by revising and consolidating their learning. We believe small groups provide the ideal learning environment. That’s why we limit our classes to between 2 and 8 students.


All our classes are online

We welcome students from all over Australia to join our classes online. Our flexible approach allows you to join any group class, conversation class, or receive private tuition from the convenience of your own home or while you’re travelling. We also offer a discount if you choose to attend classes online.


Private tuition classes are reasonably priced

We offer one-to-one and shared private tuition to adults, teenagers, and children in our classroom, online, or at your home.

  • Students who share the lesson with a friend or family member can share the fee for the lesson.

  • If you purchase a pack of 10 one-to-one lessons, you will receive one free lesson. (1 hour)

  • Adults aged 20-29 years can benefit from special discounts for one-to-one tuition.

  • Please see our 'Fees' page for a breakdown of fees and discounts offered.


We run workshops and cultural events

We organise special language workshops and cultural events throughout the year to supplement your learning.

These very popular events give you more opportunities to immerse yourself in the language in a fun and social way with other students.


Rediscover your roots

Learning the languages of your heritage is a great way to connect to your roots. Our students have discovered that learning their familial language is rewarding, and adds a new and meaningful dimension to their lives, especially when travelling overseas and communicating with their family.


Prepare for your next holiday

Even if you’re a complete beginner, our travellers courses will teach you the key vocabulary and phrases you’ll need to know when travelling in a foreign country. The language is introduced in an easy and enjoyable way, so you can start speaking from your very first lesson.


You will also learn about the country and culture, receive travel tips and other useful information to help you plan and enjoy your holiday. Not to mention, you’ll have a better experience when you communicate with locals in their native tongue.


Book a free level assessment

Group classes

Weekly group classes are ideal for those who enjoy the social aspects of learning, wish to immerse themselves in a hobby or intellectual pursuit, or are intending to travel in the future.


We limit classes to between 2 and 8 students. This creates a low-stress environment to enhance your learning, and practice your speaking skills. By the end of your course, you’ll be delighted by how much you’ve learned, and how quickly your skills have improved.


Courses for adults run continuously all year round. This means that you can continue for as long as you like, and if you take a break at the end of your course, you can rejoin without having to wait for a new term to begin.


Courses for children run for 1 hour each week and take semester breaks similar to the school year.

Private tuition

Private tuition allows you to learn at your own pace. It’s perfect for addressing specific needs, whether it’s vocabulary, syntax, comprehension, or listening and speaking skills.


Lessons can be taken at our classroom in Mornington, online, or at your home.


Private tuition is ideal for school-aged children and teenagers. Students will benefit from individualised attention and be able to focus all their attention on the lesson, which helps them learn quickly and consolidate their learning.


Lessons can be shared with a friend or family member. Many families take advantage of shared lessons, so their children can learn together and benefit from reduced fees for each child.

Conversation classes

Conversation classes are a great way for intermediate and advanced students to practice their language skills. Students can discuss a variety of topics of interest, guided by their teacher.


During the class, you can talk about Popular Culture, Film, Travel, Fashion, Cuisine, Current Affairs, Geography, History, Art History, Literature, Architecture, Culture, or Traditions. All ideas are welcome!


Conversation classes run for one hour and require at least one student to proceed.


Best of all, you can schedule your learning as you like — weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. It’s totally up to you.

How to enrol

As we keep our class sizes small, it's best to contact us directly to discuss your needs. We can then match you to one of our classes with students at the same level.


To enquire about enrolling in a course, please call Diana on 0401 332 230


Alternatively, you can click on the Contact button below and fill out the form with your choices. Select the language you want to learn, your level, and your preferred days and times. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Free level assessment

If you have studied a language in the past and are unsure of your level, you can take a free level assessment with one of our friendly and experienced teachers over the phone. It’s a relaxed conversation, and by the end of the call, you’ll know which level is right for you.

You extracted from our conversations the essence of what I wanted. The concepts appear clearer with all the information I want to share with the person who is looking for a language school. In the last two weeks, I have received several calls from potential students who have found the school through the website. Thank you so much for your work.

Diana Peral, Director, Mornington Peninsula Language and Culture Studies

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